Ethos Vegetarian Restaurant, Khaosan Road, Thailand. Vegan Food, Vegetarian Food, Kombucha Tea, Tempeh, Free WiFi


Ethos Bakery Café
Escape the chaos and tedium of Khaosan Road
and experience the tastes, smells and sounds of our
unique lounge environment

Blissful Atmosphere

Big Comfy Cushions, World Music, Soft Lighting, and Friendly Staff

inside World Music Our play list is constantly updated with fresh aural treats carefully chosen to bliss you out. Lounge and World music is the theme.

Travel Library
We have a good collection of books including Lonely Planet, Rough Guides and lots of useful information for travelers. Or ask Phil for personalized travel tips.

Free WiFi 12Mb Fast Internet Connection, AC power available at all tables

Health Food Oasis
Vegetarian & Vegan
Large variety of Thai, Indian, Eastern & Western Food
Veggie Lasagna with Spinach, Veggie Burgers made from home-baked wholewheat, Spaghetti with ‘Meat’ Ball, Falafel Hommus Tahina & Salad with Pitta, Aloo Gobi with Dal and Rice, Herbal Teas,  Jiaogulan Tea, Mangosteen Juice,  Mint Tea with Lemon, Kombucha Tea and much more.

Giant Shakes shakes

More fruit, better value. Lassies with homemade yogurt (photo right), Strawberry or Banana with Coconut Cream! Mango Lassi,  Papaya Lassi, Rosewater Lassi, Sweet Lassi, and lots more …
No refined sugars.  We use natural coconut palm sugar.

Home Baked Treats
Apple Crumble with Coconut Cream Custard, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Mango and Sticky Rice, and more …
All vegan!  We use unrefined brown sugar.

Home Fermented Probiotic Super Foods
Tempeh! Highest bio-availability soy protein without the toxicity. Made here at Ethos.
Home fermented Kombucha Tea. 7 Flavors to choose from.
Water Kefir
Milk Kefir

burger Spiced out?
Take a break from spicy food with one of our foreign dishes such as Lasagna, Spaghetti with ‘Meat’ Ball, Spaghetti with Mushroom and Cream, Carrot and Coriander Soup, Tomato Soup, Lentil Soup, Veggie Burger (photo left), Falafel with Hommus, Tahina, Pita and Salad, Porridge with Coconut Milk and Banana, and lots more.

100% Certified Organic Rice

Ethos is the only restaurant in Khaosan area serving certified organic rice.

Pure Fruit Juices  freshly extracted for each glass.
Carrot, Apple, Orange, Cucumber, Tomato, Mixed Veg and Fruits, etc.
Add Ginger, Tamarind, or Beetroot.
Mangosteen, Noni Berry, Goji Berry, Pomegranate juices available. Powerful anti-oxidants!

Best Muesli in town – made here at ethos!
We cut up dried mango, papaya, pineapple, coconut, black sesame seeds, raisins, roast oats and mix. Fantastic with fruit salad and our home-made yogurt or coconut milk!

Take-away high energy food for the road
Cakes, Cookies, Vegie Burgers, Wholemeal Buns, Falafels, Hommus, Muesli, all made with carefully selected healthy ingredients.

Good Prices, More Ingredients = Better Value
More food, better food for less money.  We choose the best ingredients available and use 100% certified organic rice. We pay less rent and give you more. Please try us and see!

Sustainable Living and Organic Agriculture Projects

Ethos is compiling a Sustainable Living Directory to connect travelers with organic and permaculture projects in Thailand. Internships are available where people from all over the world can come and enjoy living, working, learning and playing together.
To add your project to the directory, feel free to add yourself to the page or contact Steven Almeroth

Listen, Feel, Taste, Energize, Enjoy!
      Where is it?

Only 2 minutes walk from Khaosan Road.

Go to end of Khaosan Road (Tanao Road, Burger King).
Go Left about 50 meters and cross over the road at silver shops.
Go into 2nd lane on the right.
See the big ethos sign in the back street.

phone: 02 280 7549 (within Thailand)
++662 280 7549 (international)